Changes to animatplot



  • New Title block. #27
  • x values are now optional in the Line Block. #29

Bug Fixes

  • Timeline slider now formats np.datetime properly by default. #21

Breaking Changes

  • The x, y inputs to the Line Block are not positional only. #29
  • Removed axis kwargs that deprecated in favor of ax in 0.3.0. #31

Developer Changes

  • Testing tools were moving into the tests folder and are no longer a subpackage of animatplot. #26


* indicates new author in this release.



  • The axis keyword argument has been replaced (everywhere) in favour of ax, and axis will be removed completely in 0.4.0. This does not apply to t_axis which is unchanged. See #10 for rational.


  • The Pcolormesh block now accepts 1D arrays (in addition to 2D) for x and y inputs.

  • Animation.timeline_slider now accepts a text argument to change the name of the slider.

  • New blocks:

    • Scatter for animating scatter plots. Capable of animating size and position of the points, but not yet the color.
    • Update a block that accepts a generic function that takes a frame number. Good if another block doesn’t already exist for some tasks.
  • Composition Blocks: These are functions that return a list of blocks (and maybe a timeline). These are in the blocks subpackage and can be identified by the _comp suffix.

  • New (and very experimental) animations subpackage (well new to the public api). Contains some new convenice functions.

    • vector_plot wraps Pcolormesh and Quiver to produce animated vector fields.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, an Animation with a timeline_slider, but no toggle would cause an error.

Breaking Changes

  • The text argument to timeline_slider is now the first positional argument.
  • The order of positional arguments for the Nuke block has changed. This was required to give the ax argument a default.

Developer Changes

  • New animation unittesting framework
  • Tests / doc building now runs on CircleCI.


  • Fix .animations and .blocks subpackages not being distributed properly.


  • Complete and total overhaul of animatplot using with the idea of blocks as a foundation
  • Chuck all previous attempts to support python 2 in the dumpster


This is the original release.